Call Centre Director Education Requirements

A call centre director’s education must encompass all the knowledge that is required to run a call centre and manage its daily affairs well, and in a competent manner. A call centre’s director’s position being of such importance, it is imperative that he should be a post graduate with respectable academic credentials. His education should be oriented towards imparting the skills and technical knowhow of governing a call centre, managing staff, administration and other myriad responsibilities of a call centre director.

Therefore, a call centre director’s education should also impart skills that will make the operation of the call centre easier, and increase customer interaction. Hence, a call centre director’s education should be multifaceted and truly exceptional, supported by the weight of long term experience of working in a call centre at the managerial level at least.

Call Centre Director Education Requirements:

  • A call centre director should be a post graduate degree holder in areas like Business Administration.
  • He should have excellent command over computers, and be adept at basic software like MS Office and the internet.
  • He should qualify for the post of the call centre director only after undergoing the stringent checks and training program for the same.

Call Centre Director Degrees, Courses and Certifications:

The call centre director needs to undertake the following degrees, courses and certification programs in order to be eligible for the post:

  • A graduate degree in a field like Business Administration or Information Technology.
  • Master’s in Business Administration or equivalent.
  • MS Office Suite Certification.
  • Certification from earlier work experience

Call Centre Director Qualifications and Training:

A call centre director is assumed to have worked as a call centre manager for some time and hence he will be expected to qualify the CCCM or Call Centre Manager Certification document. He must also have hand-on training of handling Kana email system and other equivalent email management systems.

Call Centre Director Colleges and Universities:

Call Centre Director Salaries and Wages:

A call centre director can earn anything between 90,000 $ to 120,000$. His sincerity and consistent excellence will assure greater income and respect.

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