Call Centre Consultant Education Requirements

Call centre consultants are hired by call centres to provide worthy and functional advice on healthier working and services. This makes it clear how indispensable a role education and knowledge plays in holding this job and sustaining it. The level of education required for entering this field is quite high given the level of demands from the job.

The former supposedly increases in additional progression alongside the latter. Higher the organizational demands, higher the educational requirements. Thus, masters and other ancillary courses in consultancy are increasingly wanted. However, comprehensive and expanded knowledge is acquired mainly from the course of experience as a call centre manager or executive that makes one eligible for consultation.

Call Centre Consultant Education Requirements

  • A potential call centre consultant must hold an official record of graduation from a good educational institution in his plus two in a science subject.
  • He must be a college graduate in a relevant course, which suits the job of an executive manager or administrative officer, who holds the potential to qualify as a consultant.
  • A diploma course in consultancy jobs may add value to the educational status of the candidate.

Call Centre Consultant Degrees, Courses and Certifications

A call centre consultant must be qualified in all or some of the following areas to gain gradual control over the field:

  • Bachelors in general business administration
  • Bachelors in mass media
  • Masters in telecommunications, telemarketing, customer and wireless services
  • PG diploma in special courses like public relations and service management

Call Centre Consultant Qualifications and Training

A call centre consultant must be highly qualified backed by a combination of supportive educational framework and practical training experiences. The most important qualification for this is a long term stint as an executive or administrative manager at a call centre followed by extensive training in consultancy services. CIAC certification training is must for all budding call centre consultants worldwide.

Call Centre Consultant Colleges and Universities

Call Centre Quality Assurance Manager Wages and Salary

The lower limit of the salary for a consultant is $70,000 tentatively and the ceiling limit is $1, 00,000 approximately per month.

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