CAD Designer Education Requirements

CAD (abbreviated form of: computer aided design) designers are those who operate, prepare and execute specific diagrams that are related to construction, electronics, architecture and other related fields. There are specific two-year courses which deal with CAD and other such specializations. Along with the formal education, basic understanding of drawing must be imbibed in the designer.

CAD Designer Education Requirements

  • A high school diploma with high GPA where the student has shown special aptitude in math, science, computer technology, drafting and design.
  • One can opt for the two-year course in CAD from any technical college that deals with design and drafting.
  • There are also the four-year degree courses offered by colleges that one can take up through engineering and architecture. This allows promotion from entry level to senior level.
  • Community colleges also offer courses which are essentially associate degrees that deal with the basics of drafting. These are technical drawing, composition, engineering drawing, manufacturing design and dimensioning. These offer the best chances for employment especially during the earlier stages.
  • Certification is required from the ADDA or American Design Drafting Association which helps in providing important tools and knowledge required for employment advancement.
  • Associate’s degree in CAD.
  • Bachelor’s degree in engineering or architecture.
  • Drafters Certification from American Design Drafting Association (ADDA).

CAD Designer Degrees, Courses and Certifications:

CAD Designer Qualification and Training

It becomes very important to ensure that there is sufficient amount of training along with theoretical knowledge. Most courses will offer training since CAD involves practical work more than theories. There are workshops and internships that should be taken up in addition to the courses for better understanding of drafting. Training is crucial for the purposes of gaining employment.

CAD Designer Colleges and Universities

CAD Designer Wages and Salaries

The CAD income can be in between $67,000 to $89,900. However, there are many who freelance with different companies and the income is subject to speculation.

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