Business Analyst Education Requirements

Business analysts critically evaluate the market developments and mould those developments for the benefit of the firm. The role of business analysts is to reduce the risk due to weaknesses and threats and to take advantage of the opportunities in the marketplace and strengthens of the firm. The purpose of hiring business analysts is to maximize the returns to the shareholders of the firm. Candidates can become eligible for the position of a business analyst by pursuing courses in business administration in any specialization like operations or finance. Candidates are advised to hold additional certification courses or work experiences in order to get the practical exposure to concepts. Candidates who are considering the career option of a business analyst can take a look at the following educational and certification requirements.

Business Analyst Educational Requirements

  • To start with, candidates should complete their high school and secondary school from good schools. Candidates should take up courses in MBA in general business or finance concentration in their graduation or post-graduation.


  • Candidates who would like to work as business analysts should be good at accounting concepts, statistics, mathematics, marketing, etc.


  • Students could choose working with firms in associate positions in business analysis. A relevant work experience would provide benefits for the students during and after the selection as business analyst.

Business Analyst Degree, Courses, and Certifications

Candidates who are seriously considering the position of a business analyst can consider doing the following courses:

  • Bachelor of Business Administration
  • Bachelor of Science, Computer Sciences
  • Bachelor of Science, Management Information System
  • MS in Business Intelligence
  • AA in Accounting

Business Analyst Qualifications and Training

Candidates who would like to aspire for job positions as business analyst can pursue additional certifications like business intelligence, financial analysis, risk management, etc. These courses will provide useful skills to candidates in order to perform his job productively and efficiently.

Business Analyst Colleges and Universities

Business Analyst Wages and Salaries

Candidates would find opportunities to work as business analysts in industries like Information technology services, IT consulting, insurance, financial services, health care, etc. According to the estimates given out by Pay Scale and released in the form of National Salary data, the annual compensation of a business analyst lies in the range of $41,000 and $96,000 per annum with the median salary per annum being $66,000 approximately. Candidates should possess at least a couple of years of experience to be eligible to become a business analyst.

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    As said by you, additional certifications like Business Intelligence will help to help to enhance career as a Business analyst. Please let me know how to pursue the course and other related details. Thanks for your help in advance

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