Business Administrator Education Requirements

A business administrator is a middle level position in an organization. The main function of a business administrator is to take care of the administrative activities at the high end of business functions like managing clients, arranging the activities between executives, looking after travel and accommodation of executives traveling from abroad, etc. Candidates who want to become business administrators should possess management and leadership skills apart from general coordination and organizational skills. Employers generally recruit candidates who have completed their specialized management courses in business and administration. Candidates should be flexible to work for longer work hours when needed and should be able to travel at multiple locations as per business requirements.

Business Administrator Educational Requirements

  • Candidates who aspire to become business administrators should complete their high school and then pursue courses in business administration during their graduation and post graduation.
  • Apart from the courses, candidates should develop a pleasing personality and a positive attitude so that they are able to deliver their work on time and with ease.
  • Employers also look for candidates who have developed their aptitude by a combination of theoretical and practical exposure.

Business Administrator Degree, Courses, and Certifications

Candidates can choose among the following degree courses to be qualified for applying for the position of a Business Administrator in a firm:

  • Doctor of Business Administration
  • MBA in General Studies
  • Bachelor of Business Administration – General
  • Graduate Certificate in Business – Project Management
  • AAS in Business Administration

Business Administrator Qualifications and Training

Many of the schools, colleges, and universities in the United States conduct specialized courses in business administration. Such courses are very helpful to students to develop the necessary skills and attitude to become a successful business administrator. Certifications in business administration courses are also available for students to choose from. Students who want to become business administrators should develop business acumen, personality, communication skills, etc in the applicants.

Business Administrator Colleges and Universities

Business Administrator Wages and Salary

Candidates whose goal is to become a business administrator can find job opportunities in sectors like engineering consulting, software development, health care, education – colleges and universities, aerospace and defense, etc. About 25% of the employees in the United States working as a business administrator have a work experience of 5-9 years. According to the salary estimates of Pay Scale and released via the National Salary data, the annual compensation of a business administrator varies from $25,000 to $76,000 with the median compensation about $54,000 approximately.

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