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There are no specific bus driver education requirements but it is suggested that aspiring candidates should complete their high school in order to pursue a career in bus driving. There are two types of bus drivers in the US – city or state bus drivers and school bus drivers. Safety is a very important issue when it comes to driving a bus and hence education pertaining to the same needs to be taken. Aspiring bus drivers needs to have knowledge of interiors and exteriors of the bus and air brakes. The bus driver education should also focus on areas like pedestrian safety, bus emergency exits, speed limits, loading or unloading passengers, changing lanes, defensive driving, loading and unloading students with special needs, using emergency equipments during accidents, following post accident procedures, and driving under adverse weather conditions.

Bus Driver Education Requirements:

  • An aspiring bus driver needs to be at least 21 years of age and should have completed their high school program.
  • An aspiring bus driver needs to apply for a valid driver’s license issued by the Secretary of State or the DMV in their state.
  • An aspiring bus driver should possess a license 3 years prior to applying for a bus driver’s job. The license at any point should not have been canceled, disqualified, revoked, or suspended.
  • It is important to pass a test on bus operation, bus safety, and special traffic laws in the state where one wants to pursue their career.
  • Physical fitness is important and one needs to clear the CDL medical tests in order to apply for a CDL license class C.

Bus Driver Degrees, Courses and Certifications:

The educational requirements are quite basic for a bus driver but the licensing requirements and driving education requirements are extensive. An aspiring bus driver needs to fulfill the following:

  • High school degree or GED
  • Learner’s Permit or restricted license in their state
  • Full or unrestricted license from DMV in their state or from Secretary of State
  • 1 to 3 months training course from a bus driving school.
  • Medical tests including vision test. According to Federal regulations, one must have 20/40 vision as well as a 70 degree field of vision in each eye
  • CDL license Class C

Bus Driver Qualification and Training:

A bus driver needs to have specific abilities like good customer service skills, good hearing ability and hand-eye coordination, a minimum of 20/40 vision, high level of physical fitness, knowledge regarding the engine, chassis, and body of the bus, and understanding of traffic laws and other road laws of the residing state.

Bus Driver Colleges and Universities:

Bus Driver Wages and Salaries:

The average annual salary of a bus driver varies from $14,265 to $26,317. The median expected salary of a bus driver in the US is $19,196 while the median hourly wage $14.02 per hour.

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