Building Maintenance Supervisor Education Requirements

Building maintenance supervisory task is pretty tough and the supervisor must be wholly acquainted with the methodology of carrying out the task. Building maintenance supervisor education counts in all the facets of a building plan and its final manifestation which must be responsibly and dutifully implemented by the supervisor. He has to ensure that the building plans conform to the state building rules and it is his duty to watch over the safety of the houses. The education module thus lays down the inventory of the various components that the building maintenance supervisor is required to oversee and change as a part of his job. The effect of the education is given greater strength by a short-term training curriculum to bring about positive results in the candidate’s performance.

Building Maintenance Supervisor Education Requirements

  • The education requirement of a candidate begins with a graduation degree from a high school that is compulsory for this post.
  • It must be then followed by a graduation degree from a good college of arts or science to gather specialised knowledge in the field.
  • One’s resume can be always enhanced by including degrees in secondary or certificate courses in relevant subjects.

Building Maintenance Supervisor Degrees, Courses and Certifications

The baseline of the educational courses and certifications validating the job of a building maintenance supervisor is provided below:

  • Graduation degree Construction Trade or Construction Management
  • Post Graduation degree in Construction Technology or related discipline
  • Vocational degree course in Building Maintenance Operations

Building Maintenance Supervisor Qualifications and Training

The minimum academic prerequisite of the candidate is not bound by the lessons learnt and degrees achieved. It has to be taken a notch higher by adding a course of training to the degrees. This combination of textual and practical knowledge ensures that the candidate shows excellence in this field. Maintenance and repair of structures forms the base of the training given to building maintenance supervisors.

Building Maintenance Supervisor Colleges and Universities

Building Maintenance Supervisor Wages and Salary

The hourly earnings of building maintenance supervisors fall between $15 and $28 and the salary is $3000 to $4000.

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