Building Engineering Inspector Education Requirements

Building engineering inspectors have to be highly educated in the rules, laws and regulations established by the government bodies as well as the private housing associative bodies. The course of the education extensively illustrates these components that the candidate is expected to learn, know and apply in his work. He is trained to programme his method of working in accordance with the information gathered via engineering schools. As firms and plants are in the lookout for educated building engineering inspectors, the need and importance of education in building one’s career in this field rises to a high level. The ramifications of the academic degrees coupled with effective training sessions are profoundly seen in the occupational accomplishments. Thus knowledge of safety and security comes first in this job.

Building Engineering Inspector Education Requirements

  • Candidates who want to see themselves as professional building engineering inspectors should hold a minimum qualification of passing a state-approved board examination or certain equivalent degree course.
  • They should then pursue a college degree in any stream of science provided it has some resemblance to the content taught in building engineering.
  • Besides, school and college certificates, one must always make attempts to achieve associate and diploma courses for an added advantage.

Building Engineering Inspector Degrees, Courses and Certifications

The important criteria that that an aspiring building engineering inspector must hold validly are given in the following:

  • BSc in any discipline preferably physics or mathematics
  • BSc in mechanical engineering or civil engineering
  • Masters in construction and building inspection technology
  • Certification degree in mechanics, drafting and building engineering services

Building Engineering Inspector Qualifications and Training

A building engineering inspector’s post stands on elaborate knowledge and extensive training. Thus, the qualifications, accredited by the various schools and universities, are not enough. Software training along with training in building codes is an integral part of the job as they are expected to create, check and change building designs with the help of computers.

Building Engineering Inspector Colleges and Universities

Building Engineering Inspector Wages and Salary

The mean monthly salary of building engineering inspectors is $45, 000 to $55,000 in the US.

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