Building Contractor Education Requirements

The job prospects of building contractors are growing day by day and so is the importance of their education and knowledge in this field. Businessmen rely more on educated and qualified building contractors for trading business work and establishing long-term business partnership. Candidates may not be required to attain higher education for this but the minimum safe haven comprising of a state-level examination and college education must be passed.

The course curriculum depends on the nature of contracting service because building maintenance contractors have to study ground subjects of plumbing and carpentry whereas heavy and civil engineering construction contractors have to study much advanced level of courses dealing with infrastructure. The gaps left in the process have to be filled up by professional training curriculum to achieve a wholesome and successful result.

Building Contractor Education Requirements

  • Building contractors have to qualify a basic level of examination under the state government or a private examination board.
  • A diploma course in construction management would enhance the knowledge of building contracting and related services.
  • A certificate degree in environmental safety and building rules is a must for all building contractors.
  • Various technical aspects of building contractor job can also be understood through different vocational courses.

Building Contractor Degrees, Courses and Certifications

The relevant degrees and certifications that a wannabe building contractor is expected to have in his CV are as follows:

  • Bachelors in building science
  • Diploma in construction management
  • Vocational courses in construction management or related field
  • Certification for acquiring Contractor’s license

Building Contractor Qualifications and Training

A building contractor’s job is best understood not from academic diplomas but by assisting a working building contractor. Internship in a contracting firm or assisting site managers provides the training platform for these candidates whereby trainees learn by working on the job. There are government training association designed as well only to train contractors and building performance professionals.

Building Contractor Colleges and Universities

Building Contractor Wages and Salary

The median salary of building contractors is not fixed and may begin from a minimum salary of $3000, depending on the contract.

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