Broker Trainee Education and Job Requirements

Broker Trainee Requirements

A broker trainee is a person who has just joined a broking house that specializes in consulting and trading activities related to shares, mutual funds, and debentures. It is essential for the concerned broker trainee to be well aware of the investment scenario of the market and able to read the finer points of it. He/she needs to have an extremely analytic mind. The following factors can prove to be guidelines for the education and job requirements of a broker trainee.

Education Requirements:

  • A bachelor’s degree in commerce, economics or finance.
  • A master’s degree is a big plus.
  • Certified training in share market related investment courses.

Job Requirements:

  • The candidate must be well versed with the share market scenario,
  • He/she should have an analytical mind to assess the investment portfolios.
  • He/she should possess the necessary quantitative skills to assess the returns on investment.
  • Must be a dedicated team player.
  • Should have the tenacity to perform target oriented assignments.
  • The interested applicant should have the quantitative prowess to pin-point the risk factors on investments.
  • Must have marketing skills in order to attract new investors.
  • Should possess excellent communication skills and be cordial while dealing with the clients.

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