Broadcast Engineer Education and Job Requirements

Broadcast Engineer Requirements

Broadcast Engineer handles the technical work related to broadcast. Broadcast engineers are meant to operate and manage the instruments used in sound and colors. They manage mixing boards and electrical equipment used for sporting events, conventions, and conferences along with managing light designs. He needs to be well versed with digital audio workstations, multi-track production, recording and broadcast consoles, and audio storage systems. They might have to do testing while operating the radio instruments.

Educational Requirements

  • He must have a completed degree in any relevant field such as broadcast technology and computer aided strategies used in Broadcastings.
  • Must get training or do internship from any broadcasting station.
  • Along with broadcasting, student must also get knowledge about computers, physics and mathematics.
  • Must have some technical knowledge to support the variety of work he might have to handle.
  • The applicant must be computer literate with experience about latest trends and technology used in sound recording, broadcasting etc.

Job Requirements

  • The applicant should have five or more years of working experience.
  • The Candidate should be aware about all the latest developments in sound and broadcast engineering.
  • He must have leading ability and sound technical expertise to guide others along with excellent interpersonal skills.
  • The candidate should have good knowledge about field recording and sound reinforcement and studio recording, post production, and “live” broadcast procedures and protocols.
  • Operational experience with satellite uplink/downlink equipment; rf transmission.
  • He should be willing to work in shifts and overnight if the when other staff is not available.

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