Boxing Education and Job Requirements

Boxing Requirements

Boxing is a field of passion and a hand-to-hand fighting. This requires physical stamina along with mental force to win the game. One needs to do extensive training before becoming a boxer so that he can reach up to national and international level. Once boxers have attained fame, promotional opportunities and endorsements also can generate income. To generate a sustainable income by this profession one must consistently perform their best. This field has lots of opportunity for someone willing to give their best.

Educational Requirements

  • No specific qualification is needed but match played at school or college levels are must and add to the profile.
  • The aspiring boxers begin their careers by becoming members of amateur boxing clubs.
  • Training for physical fitness and some courses about nutritional requirement is must.
  • They must have some eligibility certificates for the level they wish to play for.

Job Requirements

  • The Candidate must have exemplary physical condition and preserve a thorough training regimen that prepares him to face the competitors.
  • The applicant boxers require outstanding dedication, motivation and natural physical skill.
  • They must have experience of playing at school or college level.
  • They should have 4-5 years of experience which must include some matches and tournaments played at different levels.
  • The applicant must be willing to travel as and when necessary.
  • The candidate must be able to perform under very high pressure and he must possess physical stamina to face difficult competition while playing in the tournaments.

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