Bookkeeper Education Requirements

A bookkeeper education does not require too much of specifications, but requires appreciable performance at the school level and in the courses designed especially for bookkeeping. It is important for a bookkeeper to hold an associate’s degree in accounting to help improve his bookkeeping prospects and chances of a job at some renowned firm. Most companies and employers prefer such candidates who are trained well in the concepts of bookkeeping and can be trusted with the job.

A bookkeeper, apart from acquiring a general educational course in accounting and business subjects, requires to have thorough knowledge in the major areas of accounting which broaden his theoretical ideas and practical skills of bookkeeping. A number of business schools, community colleges, and vocational learning centres provide training to aspiring bookkeepers, in teaching the fundamentals as well as specifications of accounting science and bookkeeping.

Bookkeeper Education Requirements:

  • A bookkeeper can have a graduation degree in any subject of accounting.
  • He needs to have done a complete two-year course in the associate degree program for accounting.
  • The bookkeeper must have done training on accounting topics such as cost accounting, financial accounting, managerial accounting, introductory knowledge in federal and business taxation, etc.
  • The job of a bookkeeper requires one to be thorough with skills in auditing, advanced or microcomputer accounting, preparation of spreadsheets, etc.

Bookkeeper Degrees, Courses and Certifications:

A bookkeeper requires to have the minimum degrees and certificates to ensure him a secure job in the respective accounting sector:

  • High School Diploma in Accounting
  • Bachelor’s degree [4 years] in Associate of Applied Science in Accounting
  • Associate degree in Bookkeeping, Accounts Management
  • Certificate of eligibility – the Certified Bookkeeper [CB] award, given by the American Institute of Professional Bookkeepers [AIPB]

Bookkeeper Qualifications and Training:

A bookkeeper needs to acquire the necessary qualifications for satisfying the minimum standards set by any company for the respective post. He needs to be trained properly in the accounting concepts and also apply them efficiently at the job front. Such training sessions are conducted by most business schools and other such institutes and should be attended by candidates who want to be professional bookkeepers.

Bookkeeper Colleges and Universities:

Bookkeeper Salary and Wages:

A bookkeeper generally earns around $20000, which can be subject to variations depending on his skills and abilities of effective bookkeeping, experience and position in the company or agency, wherever he may be working.

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