Book Reviewer Education Requirements

Writing book reviews is not an easy task. The profession of a book reviewer is in high demand these days and requires a certain amount of educational training to take this up as a career. The book reviewer job involves critically reading a text and analyzing the various aspects of the text including language, themes and content. It is important to have a fundamental understanding of structuring and writing a book review.

Most educational degrees will emphasize on the basics of literary criticism as well as writing and reporting. Hence, education and training in these aspects are very important for any aspiring book reviewer. There is a lot of social and cultural responsibility that comes with the job of a book reviewer and acquiring a degree and proper training is of prime significance for handling those responsibilities.

Book Reviewer Educational Requirements:

  • High school education is mandatory in this field. Education is of prime importance for book reviewing.
  • College education is of prime importance and graduation should be followed with a post graduation course at any university offering courses on Mass communication or related subject.
  • There are also diploma degrees that can be pursued by aspiring book reviewers.

Book Reviewer Degrees, Courses and Certificates:

There are a number of ways in which one can get hold of degrees concerning this field of study. These educational qualifications are most effective when combined with training and certain amount of experience in this field:

  • Bachelor’s degree in English, Mass Communications or Journalism
  • Master’s degree in Mass communication that specifically focus on written communication
  • Diploma courses on creative writing, critical writing, reporting and linguistics.

Book Reviewer Qualifications and Training:

Educational requirements are essential for book reviewers as it always enhances these qualifications further. Beside that there must be a certain amount of training also that should be accompanied along with the degrees pursued. Training not only helps to perfect the skills of the book reviewer but gives an upper hand while applying for jobs in this sector.

Book Reviewer Colleges and Universities:

Book Reviewer Wages and Salaries:

The U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports that most book reviewers annually earn about $55,420. The monthly wages vary according to the employment terms and conditions. There are various book reviewers who also work on a freelance-basis and can charge accordingly.

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