Birth Certificate Requirements

Birth certificate requirements refer to the means adopted by the parents of a new born baby to get a birth certificate which documents the birth of the baby. A birth certificate records the name, time of birth, date, place of birth and name and address of the parents. It usually contains verification by the doctor or the hospital where the baby was born. A birth certificate is a very important document as it is the most crucial proof to show your identity and citizenship and also documents your age. The birth certificate comes of use later to get other documents like passport, driver’s license or sometimes bank accounts. If a baby’s parents did not procure a birth certificate, the child can request for the certificate later in life as an adult.

What are the issuing authorities for a birth certificate?

In the United States, the responsibility of issuing birth certificates lies with the states. Although standard forms are issued to states by the US National Center for Health Statistics to document births, states can create their own forms if they wish to. The content and format of the birth certificate forms differ from state to state in the US but all of them contain the basic information about the baby. The forms are filled up by either the attendant of the mother and child or the hospital administrator, who forwards the application to a local or state registrar. He then stores the information and issues certificates upon request.

What are the requirements for obtaining a birth certificate?

  • Full name and address of the child’s parents: Some form of identification verification is required to prevent identity threat
  • Full name of the applicant: If the applicant is requesting his own birth certificate, he also has to give his identity proof, like a state-issued identity card or driver’s license
  • Date of birth
  • Place of birth
  • Time of birth (in some cases)
  • Signature of registrar
  • Payment of fee (varies from state to state)
  • Verify the date on which the birth certificate was filed at the registrar’s office: This is important because if it was filed a year later you were born then you will not be issued a passport unless you have other proof of your citizenship
  • Immediate family members are usually the only people who can request for a birth certificate in most states. Other must give proof of guardianship to show why they are interested in the birth certificate.

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