Biometrics Education and Job Requirements

Biometrics Requirements

The job of a biometrics is very interesting. The person works in statistics and advanced mathematics and performs quantitative analysis in biological sciences, genetics and in the medical field. Large sets of data are obtained from various kinds of experiments in the academic field related to the stream of medicine. The biometrist synthesizes the data and then analyzes the quantitative information and make conclusions that help in developing the study field. The concerned professional in general reports to his or her senior in this regards. The biometrics is required to document the projects and quantitative tests on a regular basis.

Education Requirements:

  • A degree in a high school in the science stream with mathematics and statistics as the core subjects and with high grades.
  • An undergraduate degree from a reputed college in the field of statistics or mathematics and preferably biology or computer science as the minor subject is compulsory.
  • A graduate degree in statistics or mathematics with specialization in statistical biology is a big plus point in the candidate’s profile.
  • Certified training in biometrist’s projects as an apprentice from accredited institutes is highly sought.

Job Requirements:

  • Should have ample expertise in statistical modeling of biological systems.
  • Must possess sound knowledge of mathematical analysis of the clinical testing methods and results.
  • Should be efficient in statistical scrutiny of the assignments related to the stream of genetics.
  • Must be good at handling agricultural data.
  • The interested applicant must show expertise in handling software packages used in this field.

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