Biology Teacher Education Requirements

A biology teacher teaches biology to the students of both public and private schools. They have to develop curriculum, including scientific investigations and laboratory experiments. More importantly, they prepare lessons for evaluating student performance. They are also required to set and implement guidelines regarding classroom behavior and also organize parent-teacher meetings. High school biology teachers have to get a state-level teaching license. Besides teaching, they can work as curriculum specialists or field biologist in scientific projects.

Biology Teacher Education Requirements

  • A high school biology teacher is usually required to have a bachelor’s degree in science with biology as a major. Education as a minor is preferable. The degree course in biology would also include chemistry, mathematics, physics and teaching methods.
  • Public high school biology teachers are required to be licensed in the state they want to teach. Private schools are unlikely to require any licensure.
  • A high school biology teacher should be able to keep students engaged. They have to employ various teaching methodologies for catering to the individual needs of the students. A bilingual biology teacher has an advantage over others in landing a job.

Biology Teacher Degrees, Courses and Certifications

Following are some degrees and certifications required for a mathematics teacher:

  • Bachelor of science in biology
  • Master of science in biology
  • Bachelor of education
  • Diploma in life sciences

Biology Teacher Qualifications and Training

While undergoing the bachelor of education course, the teacher has to complete a fixed number of hours of classroom training. Here, the teacher has to teach a class of students of a middle or high school.

Biology Teacher Colleges and Universities

Biology Teacher Wages and Salary

A high school biology teacher can command an average annual salary of $56,000 annually. He may be asked to teach other subjects part time in middle and junior classes.

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