Bioinformatics Scientist Education and Job Requirements

Bioinformatics Scientist Requirements

The job of a bioinformatics scientist is very interesting and simultaneously quite challenging. In general, a bioinformatics scientist is recruited by a pharmaceutical company or by a drug research institute. He/she performs experiments and research studies in various fields. A few of those are conventional biological sciences and genetics. One of the objectives of a bioinformatics scientist is to improve the efficiency of the pharmaceutical products. He/she mostly works in a team under a supervisor.

Educational Requirements:

  • A high school degree in the science stream with mathematics and biology as core subjects.
  • A bachelor’s degree in mathematics or statistics or in computational biology from a reputed college with very good grades is sought.
  • A master’s degree in statistics or in computational biology from a decent university is highly appreciable.
  • Some associated degree in computer science is a plus point.
  • Certified training in the field of bioinformatics is a big advantage.

Job Requirements:

  • A minimum experience of near about 1 to 2 years as a bioinformatics researcher in an accredited institute or in a pharmaceutical company.
  • Must possess ample expertise in incorporating application based knowledge in the various bioinformatics processes in a cost effective manner.
  • Should have an analytical frame of mind.
  • Must be very good at computational biology.
  • Should be able to work overtime when needed.
  • Must have an innovative approach to help in developing advanced software packages to enhance the different aspects of the bioinformatics research field.
  • Must have good team spirits.

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