Benefits Specialist Education Requirements

A benefits specialist is an employee of a company who directs, decides and manages the employee benefits plans such as health, medical, dental, retirement, pension plans etc for the sake of the company and its workforce. Any benefits specialist is required to work on and evaluate the trends existing in the health care and financial planning and do their best to derive the best deals between the company and the service companies who provide these benefit plans. A benefits specialist is required to work in such a way that managing and operational costs are kept as minimum as possible.

To become a benefits specialist, one needs to have certain educational qualifications as well as skills such as management abilities, logic techniques etc. He/she needs to have the knowledge and expertise in benefit plans offered by different companies so as to work out the best possible deals. The Benefits Specialist Education Requirements makes a candidate aware about various aspects related to the job profile.

Benefits specialist education requirements:

  • To become a benefits specialist, a high school passing certificate is extremely important. Infact one must score 60% or above to be eligible for this job designation.
  • A bachelor’s degree in human resources, business administration, management etc can prove to be quite suitable for anyone who wish to enter this field of work.
  • A master’s degree in human resources or business administration can be considered quite apt and useful for a person aspiring to be a benefits specialist in an organisation.
  • One must be educated about the current economic trends and financial policies to be able to do justice to the job.

Benefits specialist degrees, courses and certifications:

  • High school diploma certificate from a recognised school.
  • A bachelor’s degree in Economics/human resources/finance/ administration/management etc.
  • A master’s degree though is not compulsory in most companies but is required considering the current situation and futuristic point of view.
  • Certified employee benefits specialist (CEBS) certificate can prove to be helpful as well.
  • Other courses could be specialisation in veteran benefits, social security disability and elderly benefits.

Benefits specialist training and qualifications:

Training under a benefits specialist or in the HR department can prove to be beneficial for an aspiring benefits specialist as it may equip him/her with all the knowledge required.

Benefits specialist colleges and certifications:

Benefits specialist wages and salaries:

The average salary of a benefits specialist per year is around $50000 which may vary from one company to another on the basis of the nature of the work and standard of the company.

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