Behavior Therapist Education Requirements

ABehavior therapistis a person who is trained and qualified to help people deal with behavioral problems like phobias or unusual behavior changes.  Basically the job of a behavior therapist is to replace any kind of an objectionable behavior with an acceptable or normal one.  These therapists also treat various kinds of disorders like eating disorders, addictions and substance abuse as well.

In order to become a behavior therapist, a person needs to follow a certain fixed line of education and training. Only after getting required training and fulfilling qualifications one can practice this as a profession. Infact, to practice behavior therapy, one also needs to get license from a state approved institution. If you wish to know the education requirements of a behavior therapist in detail, you can read the following given information.

Behavior Therapist Education Requirements

  • Any person interested in becoming a behavior therapist must first complete schooling from a recognized school.
  • Bachelor’s degree in psychology or any other related or relevant field is a compulsory requirement.
  • Master’s program in psychology is also mandatory to become a behavior therapist.
  • Some students might opt for doctorate programs as well, though this is not always a compulsory requirement.

Behavior therapist Degrees, Courses and Certifications

The following is a list of the degrees; courses and certification requirements that one needs to fulfill in order to become a behavior therapist:

  • High school diploma from an accredited school.
  • Bachelor’s degree or program in Psychology is compulsory.
  • Master’s degree or program in psychology is compulsory.  Master’s degree with specialization in Cognitive behavioral therapy can also be opted for.
  • Clinical experience under a trained professional’s supervision is also a must.
  • State license requirement may vary from state to state.

Behavior therapist Qualification and Training

Behavior therapists must also have some clinical experience besides having the right educational qualifications.  This can be gained either during Master’s program or doctorate level education or can also be gained after completing education.

Often, many aspiring behavior therapists take training under experienced professionals before gaining license to work in this field formally.  Cognitive Behavior Therapy certifications are also available to continue further with studies.

Behavior therapist Colleges and Universities

Behavior therapist Wages and Salaries

The average median salary of a behavior therapist is $41000. This figure is not fixed and depends upon the years of experience, the setting of work, goodwill in the area/city and other factors like qualifications and skills etc.

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