Behavior specialist Education Requirements

A behavior specialist is a trained professional who helps those individuals who have certain behavioral problems or troubles like social functions or impaired learning. These individuals can be referred to as psychological counselors who are employed at various work settings like clinics, schools, hospitals, and certain governmental institutions as well.

A behavior specialist must have license to practice this profession clinically and must be aptly qualified or educated as well.

To become a behavior specialist, a person needs certain specific education requirements.

Without gaining the education, he/she may not be able to get the license. But at the same time, the education requirements for a behavior specialist are not as stringent as that of a psychologist or a behavior therapist. Let’s look at the behavior specialist education requirements in detail.

Behavior Specialist Education Requirements

  • Completing high school education from a recognized school is a mandatory first step towards a career as a behavior specialist.
  • After completing schooling, the aspiring behavior specialist must get a bachelor’s degree in a relevant subject like psychology, social work, human services etc. This course generally takes 4 years to complete.
  • Most states require Master’s degree education to allow one to practice a career as a behavior specialist. This course also must be done in psychology of social work and takes 2 years for completion.

 Behavior specialist Degrees, Courses and Certifications

One has to take up the following given degree, course and certificate requirements in order to become a behavior specialist:

  • High school diploma from a recognized school.
  • Bachelor’s degree or diploma in psychology or social work
  • Master’s degree or diploma in psychology or social work.
  • Some of the behavior specialist jobs require the candidate to be certified or licensed.
  • Clinical experience may also be required in some states or by some of the jobs.

Behavior specialist Qualification and Training

Apart from fulfilling the above mentioned education requirements and certificate requirements, one needs to have exceptional interest in this field and should have excellent communication skills. Clinical experience or training under an experienced specialist can also help the candidate in getting the experience and exposure required for this field of work.

Behavior specialist Colleges and Universities

Behavior specialist Wages and Salaries

The salary of a behavior specialist is not fixed and depends on several factors like qualifications, skills, and experience and work settings. On an average, a behavior specialist can expect to earn a median salary of $42000 per year.

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