Beauty Education Requirements

A Beauty Professional is expected to learn the various theories of beauty education. Since a Beauty professional is expected to offer beauty services he/ she must be skilled in various tasks that help in enhancing the beauty of a person. The beauty education includes beautifying a person from head to toe. They aim at enhancing the physical appearance of a person. Beauty Education involves the methods of carrying out beauty treatments including facial, nail care, foot care, manicure, hair removal, etc. They also apply make-up and do hair styling. Beauty Professionals are mostly employed at salons and spas. They may even open their own salons.

Beauty Education Requirements

  • If you are aspiring to become a Beauty professional you may undergo an associate’s degree in cosmetology. This degree trains a person on various hair styles, teaches skin care, nail care and various other things.
  • There are various beauty training programs that train a person in various beauty care practices including hairstyling, nail care, manicure, pedicure, facials, hair removal, etc. The length of these training programs varies depending upon the specialization chosen. It may be anywhere between 9-24 months.
  • Once a candidate is done with the degrees and training programs he needs to undergo a certification in order to acquire the license for practicing this profession.

Beauty Education Degrees, Courses and Certifications

A person is required to pursue the following degrees and courses in order to get into the beauty care profession.

  • Associates’ Degree Program in Cosmetology
  • Course specializing in Hairstyling
  • Course specializing in Manicure
  • Course specializing in Pedicure
  • Course specializing in Aroma Therapy

Beauty Education Qualifications and Training

In order to get into this profession one must be skilled in various aspects such as manicure, pedicure, hairstyling, facial, etc. Individual must know how to cut hair, dye them and style hair. A degree course educates a student on all these aspects. However, just undergoing a degree course is not enough for a person to start practicing this profession. One is also required to undergo a certification in order to acquire license to practice this profession. It is recommended to join a training program once the Associate’s degree program is done with. This is essential to gain hands on experience on the various beauty care tasks.

Beauty Education Colleges and Universities

Beauty Education Wages and Salary

The average annual salary of a Beauty professional is around $50,000. The salary varies depending upon the employer, city and state.

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