Beauty Consultant Education Requirements

With increasing awareness about fashion and style, the demand for beauty consultants has increased rapidly. People are found to make long queues outside the consultant’s office to seek advice on what would look good on them, what would go with their image and overall grooming of their appearances. Since almost every individual feels pressurised to look attractive and elegant, beauty consultants have to know the fundamentals well. But just knowing fundamentals is not enough. He has to constantly keep brushing his knowledge and apply those during counselling. He has to learn the trends and styles suitable for a particular type of face and figure. These lessons are taught in the educational course of beauty consultants. Thus beauty consultant education is very crucial along with certain amount of training in the field.

Beauty Consultant Education Requirements

  • The job of a beauty consultant may be taken by anybody who has a degree from a high school in arts or science.
  • A college degree is extremely important preferably in fashion and beauty to learn the technical aspects and their zone of application.
  • Vocational courses in beauty and fashion are offered in many private institutes that may be pursued as a supplementary degree.
  • A crash course in public relations or customer services may serve as a help as it is a customer-oriented job.

Beauty Consultant Degrees, Courses and Certifications

The groundwork has to be completed before establishing oneself as a beauty consultant for which degree in the following courses are very important:

  • Bachelors in cosmetology or cosmetic courses
  • Vocational degree in beauty advice or beautification course
  • Certificate degree in beauty consultancy and beauty therapy

Beauty Consultant Qualifications and Training

Besides the educational and technical qualifications, training also helps reach greater length in this field. Training in hairdressing, make-up, skin and nail care forms the framework of the training curriculum. The candidate must keep himself well informed about the happenings of the fashion world and must attend beauty workshops.

Beauty Consultant Colleges and Universities

Beauty Consultant Wages and Salary

The expected range of salary earned by a beauty consultant is from $15,000 to $25,000

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