Barber Education Requirements

To acquire a job of a barber, one need not have to undertake formal courses of education. Trainings and specialized schoolings are one of the important ways through which the individuals can acquire the knowledge of implementing various expert skills.

In order to practice the technical skills, the barber has to obtain a license which could be obtained through state accredited cosmetology or barber training schools after successful accomplishment of a diploma or degree in the job related field. Even to understand the courses substantially, sometimes these schools look for individuals who have the basic high school pass certificate.

Vocational institutes also offer internships, workshops or apprenticeship programs in order to impart the knowledge of various techniques and applications associated with the job.

Barber Education Requirements

  • The candidate aspiring to acquire a job as a barber must possess the basic high school degree or diploma in order to understand the various features of the job position.
  • Prior joining a job as a barber, one must undergo apprenticeship programs under the supervision of licensed barbers in order to obtain knowledge on various techniques like hair design, hair coloring, scalp care, hair styling etc.
  • In order to exercise the skills, the individual must possess a license through successful completion of a nine months degree or diploma course on Cosmetology or Barber programs. According to US Bureau of Labor Statistics, these specialized courses are designed in a way so that the concern individual becomes aware of the state regulation associated with the job.

Barber Degrees, Courses or Certification

To accomplish the task of a barber with utmost competency, the individual must acquire the following degrees and certifications.

  • High school degree and Diploma
  • Certification through Apprenticeship Programs- Duration minimum 12 months
  • Degree or Diploma in Cosmetology, Barbershop Management and Services (act as license) – Duration nine months

Barber Qualifications and Trainings

Additional qualifications could also achieved by participating on various workshops and internship programs.

On the other hand, on-hand training experiences can be gained by the concern person in getting associated with vocational courses at different institutes. These schools offer special trainings through which new techniques could be learned.

Barber Colleges and Universities:

Barber Wages and Salary:

Barber working on part-time basis gets a wage of $150-$200 on an average in a day. Salary of a barber generally depends upon the work experience status and organization. However, barbers working on full-time basis gets around $12,000 -$17,650 in a year.

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