Bank Receptionist’s Education and Job Requirements

Bank Receptionist’s Requirements

The back receptionist is the first point of contact in the bank. There are certain criteria’s that need to be fulfilled before the receptionist is hired. This position is highly visible for the clients over the phone and also when they approach the bank personally. So one must be thoroughly equipped to deal with the various situations and provide answers to all sorts of questions. The bank receptionist is expected to be warm and receptive throughout the day. There are various criteria’s, both education and professional that one has to fulfill to get a job in the position of a bank receptionist.

Bank Receptionist’s Education Requirements:

  • Though you are a receptionist you need to be a graduate
  • You must have a minimum bachelors degree in commerce
  • An MBA in sales or finance will be preferred too

Bank Receptionist’s Job Requirements:

  • You must be computer literate with knowledge in MS Word and excel
  • You must be able to type at a speed of 50 words per minute
  • You must be confident and good in PR
  • You must be able to handle the front desk along with multi-tasking required to handle your own work and clients at the same time.

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