Badminton Player Education and Job Requirements

Badminton Player Requirements

Badminton is a racquet game that is played by two players. It is also recognized as an Olympic sport which has categories for both men and women. The badminton player is supposed to have good fitness, lot of stamina along with strength, speed and accuracy to take a good shot. The player should have a lot of practice to get perfection with the various strokes that can be played with game. Most badminton players start early to get agility of the hand movement that gains perfection over repeated practice. This also helps in developing a unique style fro the badminton player.

Educational Requirements

  • Should undergo a basic program and get certified to play at international tournaments.
  • Should gain information on basic rules and regulations framed for badminton players.
  • Should be aware of code of ethics for badminton players.
  • Should get membership of any junior level badminton association and then gain membership of national badminton association to become eligible to play at international level.

Job Requirements

  • Should have represented at a national level tournament.
  • Should have acquired minimum points while having played at various junior, national and international level tournaments.
  • Should have good track record of winning tournaments at any of the levels that the player has take part in.
  • Should be aware of anti-doping rules specified for badminton players.
  • Should possess good sportsman spirit and good conduct.
  • Should be physically fit at all times.
  • The player should be capable of playing for long hours and in odd situations as well.

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