Automotive Designer Education Requirements

An automotive designer is someone who designs a usable car so that is meets the requirements of different buyers. They can design fast sports cars or even usable energy efficient and safe cars for everyday use. The underlying factor of becoming an automotive designer is to cultivate a love for cars and designing them. Strong artistic skills and knowledge of science is required to become an automotive designer. An automotive designer is ultimately an engineer who is good at sketching and designing cars.

Once you know that you want to be an automotive designer, you must decide what kind of automotive designer you want to become and what field do you want become an expert of. It can be interiors, engines, exterior designs, etc. One car is a collection of several people’s designs.

Automotive Designer Education Requirement:

  • An automotive designer aspirant must first study engineering and then only can he achieve his aspiration. For an engineering degree, one must do well in mathematics, geometry, physics to understand the mechanics of automobiles.
  • Strong artistic skills, sketching and digital drawing is necessary. This is because designs need to be produced digitally before their tangible forms are produced. A student must be familiar with CAD designing, 2D and 3D modelling, etc.
  • A student must then decide which part of automotive designing he wants to specialise in and then choose his majors accordingly.
  • Maintain a portfolio and try interning under designers for experience.

Automotive Designer Degrees, Courses and Certifications:

  • High School Diploma (maths, geometry, physics); enrol in summer schools or art school to improve your sketching and designing skills.
  • Bachelor’s degree in engineering (if you want to design the engines or other parts) or in graphic designing (if you want to design the exteriors or interiors). You can ideally choose from mechanical engineering and industrial design.
  • Master’s degree in design or engineering.

Automotive Designer Qualifications and Training:

  • An aspiring automotive designer must have the aptitude for design and engineering. That he will gain by focusing on math, physics and art in school.
  • In college, one will learn the various aspects of digital designing and modelling, vehicle dynamics, manufacturing, power train systems, etc. according to the majors chosen.
  • If interning is part of the curricula then one will obtain firsthand experience in this line work.

Automotive Designer Colleges and Universities:

Automotive Designer Wages and Salaries:

Automotive designing is a lucrative line of work. An automotive designer’s salary increases with increase in experience and subsequent promotions. One can earn $50,000 pa with a year’s experience. For those with 20 years of work experience earn about $100,500 pa.

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