AutoCAD Trainee Education and Job Requirements

AutoCAD Trainee Requirements

An AutoCAD trainee is a professional who uses computer software like Computer Aided Design (CAD) to draft or design blueprints into two dimensional or three dimensional designs. This helps understand the blueprint well and is very crucial to take decisions regarding the project. AutoCAD in mainly used in infrastructure development or while developing buildings, malls, etc. An AutoCAD trainee is an entry level position in the field of Computer Aided design and therefore the candidate should be trained well and makes known of various techniques with which AutoCAD is conducted and used. Candidates who want to pursue a career as an AutoCAD trainee should necessarily have the knowledge of this computer software and must be experience enough for using the computer aided design instruments. The following are the educational requirements and job requirements of an AutoCAD trainee.

Education Requirements:

  • Candidates who want to become an AutoCAD trainee must possess educational qualification in diploma or engineering courses that teach CAD (computer aided design).
  • Employers generally prefer to look for candidates who are experienced in this field. They should have working knowledge of these software’s.
  • Candidates should get themselves familiar with the practical concepts by taking part in apprenticeships and live projects with various companies.

Job Requirements:

  • The job requirements of an AutoCAD trainee include drafting and designing blueprints while being on the planning stages of a project.
  • An AutoCAD trainee should have good coordination skills as they need to finalise the design by forming a consensus with project manager, project supervisor, etc.
  • They should also be in constant touch with the production department so that the project is executed as per the design and planning.

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