Auto Insurance Education Requirements

An auto insurance agent is a person who is given the job of selling auto insurance policies and covers to people who own automobiles. Any person at this job position or with this job designation is appointed on the basis of certain educational as well as skill based qualifications and must be good at sales and marketing techniques. An auto insurance agent must possess excellent communication skills as well as convincing abilities.

For selling auto insurance, one must have knowledge about the policy structure of the company and how the policy is better than that sold by other company and thus market research abilities are also required for one to be an auto insurance agent. Besides these skills, one requires to have a bachelor’s degree in any discipline and a high school passing certificate. Thus auto insurance education requirements must be aimed at providing all the needed skill sets for the job profile.

Auto insurance education requirements:

The following are the education requirements which one must fulfil in order to get a job of an auto insurance agent:

  • He/she must have gained high school level education from a recognised school with good marks in Maths, Economics and Accounts.
  • He/she must have a bachelor’s degree in Maths/finance/economics/statistics or an equivalent subject from an accredited college.
  • It is not compulsory for an insurance agent to have a Post graduate level education but it always helps to hold a Master’s degree or diploma in one of the subjects mentioned above.
  • Besides formal education, an auto insurance agent aspirant must possess exceptional interpersonal and communication skills to be able to put forward the positive points of the policy in front of potential customer.

Auto insurance degrees, courses and certifications:

  • High school diploma from an accredited school with good marks.
  • Bachelor’s degree in Maths, finance, accounts, statistics, economics or any other equivalent field or discipline is a major requirement.
  • Masters degree or diploma program in Marketing/sales/business administration may be required by some companies.
  • Specialisation insurance course may be fruitful for candidates.

Auto insurance training and qualifications:

The actual training begins on the job itself but one can take up training under an experienced insurance agent who deals in auto insurance policies or related policy selling.

Auto insurance colleges and universities:

Auto insurance wages and salaries:

An auto insurance agent’s salary depends upon the number of policy he/she sells in a given period of time. The average median salary is around $40000.


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