Audit Trainee Education and Job Requirements

Audit Trainee Requirements

The job an audit trainee is to check the various accounts of a company and probe into the validity of the documents provided by them. His prime duty is to assist his seniors in this job. Openings for the positions of audit trainees are limited as they are only requited by mostly governmental organizations or authorized auditing firms. An audit trainee needs to go through a process of rigorous training before he can actually join his job

Audit Trainee  Educational Requirements

v     Candidate should have a high school degree

v     Candidate should have a bachelors degree in maths, statistics or any other type of relevant subjects

v     Candidate should have a license from the government to be an authorized audit trainee

Audit Trainee Job Requirements

v     Applicant should have very strong mathematical base and a very sharp eye for details

v     Applicant should have good analyzing power and should be able to read in between the lines before coming to any conclusion

v     Applicant should be organized and hard working to perform the job properly

v     Applicant should be honest and sincere towards his job and duties

These are some of the several qualities that an audit trainee should possess in order to establish himself as a establish auditor

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  1. safra husain says:

    i need audit training for ma educatinos

  2. Takalani Makushu says:

    l am a 3rd year student doing a national diploma in Accounting at the University of Johannessburg. l specialise in internal auditing. how do l apply to be a trainee? you help will be greatly appreciated.

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