Associate Director of Recruiting Education Requirements

An associate director of recruiting has to be well versed in the technicalities associated with the recruitment industry. It is a matter of excellent interpersonal skills coupled with formal education that determines the success of an associate director of recruiting. The entire range of recruitment coverage from updating the websites to interviewing the candidates is overseen by his didactic and technical reserves borrowed from his educational and training background.

The person should be instituted in a well-known government accredited college in order to qualify the eligibilities demanded in the post of an associate director of recruiting. It has to be ensured that he has a firm hold in English language and some amount of knowledge in telemarketing as attracting students with creative packages forms a key part of recruitment promotion.

Associate Director of Recruiting Educational Requirements

  • The foundation of the studies for an associate director of recruiting lies in a high school education with credits in certain subjects.
  • It has to be backed by a proper college education in subjects related to recruitment activities that one may have to take up as sale or admission representative of elite professional schools and colleges.
  • For strengthening knowledge base and practical understanding of recruitment approaches and management tactics, it is helpful to enroll with parallel vocational studies on education and marketing.

Associate Director of Recruiting Degrees, Courses and Certifications

The degrees and qualifications formally certified by the standard norms of the state are provided hereunder:

  • GED degree from an established school with English and some other foreign language like Polish, Russian or Serbian
  • Bachelor degree from a good college in business management with special focus on recruiting, relationship management and business development
  • Equivalent courses in computer applications, strategic planning, web-development and student service
  • Participation certificate in any student network (e.g. AIESEC or ISN) or in executive education program

Associate Director of Recruiting Qualifications and Training

An associate director of recruiting is in a position to enhance his educational qualification by including a post graduation degree in marketing, recruitment, business or human resource management. Training is an essential part of the educational process and should be validated through on-the-job experiences or hands-on training acquisition during execution of the job tasks.

Associate Director of Recruiting Colleges and Universities

Associate Director of Recruiting Wages and Salary

The average pay of an associate director of recruiting is $88000 according to US Bureau of Labor Statistics reports.

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