Assistant Physical Therapist Education Requirements

An assistant physical therapist is an individual who works under the supervision of a physical therapist in settings such as fitness centers, nursing homes, clinics, homes of patients and hospitals etc.  These individuals are responsible for providing rehabilitation services to those patients who have limited mobility or function.

Their job is to teach the patients various therapeutic exercises, operate medical equipments and also monitor the performance of the patients.  But becoming an assistant physical therapist not only requires skills, knowledge and interest but also the correct education and training. A candidate interested in becoming an assistant physical therapist must fulfill the following mentioned educational requirements and qualifications.

Assistant Physical Therapist Education Requirements

  • Any individual who wishes to work as an assistant physical therapist in a hospital or clinic must complete post secondary education from a recognized school. This is a basic and compulsory educational requirement.
  • After completing the school education, a candidate can opt for a degree or associate level program which is often accredited by the American Physical Therapy Association. This course focuses on the rehabilitation methods and may include therapeutic exercises, medical terminology, physiology etc.

Assistant Physical Therapist Degrees, Courses and Certifications

The following are the main certification, degree or course requirements from a person who wants to be an assistant physical therapist.

  • To start with, a high school passing certificate is a mandatory requirement.
  • Another compulsory requirement is to complete an associate degree or program from a recognized institute or college affiliated by the American Physical Therapy association or a similar body.
  • After this, the candidate must pass an examination to gain licensure so as to start practice.  The candidate may have to renew the certification regularly in order to hold the right to work.

Assistant Physical Therapist Qualification and Training

The most common and best method to gain experience as an assistant physical therapist is by working or training under a physical therapist at a clinic or during the course of the degree program. This training teaches them about the first aid training, medical terminology, human development and processes or rehabilitation etc.

Assistant Physical Therapist Colleges and Universities

Assistant Physical Therapist Wages and Salaries

There are decent job opportunities for assistant physical therapists in USA and the growth scope is also quite fair, considering an individual can take the position of a physical therapist after a few years of experience. The average median salary of an assistant physical therapist is $68000.

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