Assistant Photographer’s Education and Job Requirements

Assistant Photographer’s Requirements

An assistant photographer is like an apprentice who helps the photographer with the different tasks involving the capturing and developing of images, and at the same time also learns about the different techniques required to click good photos.

Assistant Photographer’s  Education Requirements

  • In order to be an assistant photographer, one needs to complete a photography vocational training program
  • He should also have experience in photo laboratory processing experience
  • Besides that, he needs to have at least a high school degree, as photography lays more importance in experience than bookish knowledge

Assistant Photographer’s  Job Requirements:

  • An assistant photographer studies work and determines processing techniques for color and black and white film
  • He must know how to operate various types of photo processing equipment
  • He interacts with the client to determine their requirements and produces work accordingly
  • He performs photographic copy work to make different types of photographic prints and slides
  • He operates film processor, enlarger, contact printers and other equipment
  • He has to restore old prints and retouches black and white prints to ensure good print quality
  • He may have to train personnel and students in the different aspects of photo processing and photographic laboratory equipment

Thus, the assistant get not only to help the photographer but in this process also learn new things about the profession.

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