Artist Manager Education Requirements

An artist manager is an individual who is responsible for the promotion of artists such as musicians, athletes, sportspersons, singers etc. An artist manager’s job is to handle business prospects or other dealings of the artist and negotiate the terms of contracts etc.  They need to develop contacts and use effective techniques for the success of the artist.

There are certain requirements which need to be fulfilled by an individual in order to become an artist manager. These requirements include both educational as well as experience based. An artist manager must also have a strong personality to represent his/her artist. Given below are the detailed artist manager education requirements which can be used by any individual for the purpose of reference or help.

Artist Manager Educational Requirements:

The following are the main educational requirements which an individual must fulfil in order to become the manager of an artist.

  • A candidate must atleast pass high school with average marks so as to be able to handle the various dealings related to an artist.
  • There is no compulsory requirement for a candidate to hold a bachelor’s degree in order to become an artist manager but having one wouldn’t be harmful either.
  • One needs to educate himself/herself in the field to which the artist belongs. For example, the manager of a musician must keep himself updated about all the happenings of the music industry and develop contacts with possible clients.

Artist Manager Degrees, Courses and Certificates:

The following are the degrees, courses and certificate requirements which need to be fulfilled by an artist manager:

  • High school diploma/certificate from an accredited school of the state.
  • Bachelor’s degree in management or related subjects is needed.
  • A diploma course in management etc can be helpful to build the personality or knowledge base required for handling various meetings, promotion activities etc.
  • Certain institutes offer courses in artist management which can be taken up by an aspiring artist manager.

Artist Manager Training and Qualifications

This job profile requires more experience rather than formal educational requirements. This experience can be gained only by working as an assistant artist manager in close proximity with the manager of an artist.

Artist Manager Colleges and Universities

Artist Manager Wages and Salaries:

An artist manager’s yearly salary may vary from one artist to another depending upon the popularity or standard of the artist. The average median salary of an artist manager is found to be $46000 in the US.

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