Artisan’s Education and Job Requirements

Artisan’s Requirements

In simple language an artisan is an artist who is able to sculpt with the help of hands. Not necessarily just models and statues but various kinds of craft like pottery, candles, stitching, and model creation. There is no short cut in this field but once you are able to make a mark there is no stopping. It is extremely important to understand the requirement of an artisan to be well prepared for the job.

Artisan’s Education Requirements:

  • Candidate should be a graduate with a degree in arts or fine arts
  • Candidate should be masters or have pursued higher studies in modern art, fine arts or sculpture in order to work in this industry
  • Candidate must have sculpting and craft creation abilities or must have gone through training and learning courses

Artisan’s Job Requirements:

  • Applicant should be creative and original
  • Applicant should be able to produce the best quality
  • Applicant should be unique and able to go to the depth of study and work
  • Applicant should have creativity and flair for arts.

The scope of an artist is not limited world-wide. An artisan, to be popular must work extremely hard and produce the best in order to be known.

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