Art Therapist Education Requirements

The field of art therapy is a method of treatment of physical problems, mental well being and improvement of self esteem. In this field, an artist treats a patient or a client by the means of art related activities. This field is often opted by those artists who have an interest in psychology.

The idea behind this form of a therapy is that art can help people overcome their physical, emotional and mental problems. To become an art therapist, one may require a set of educational requirements and skills, which have been mentioned in detail in the following given part of the article.

Art Therapist Education Requirements

  • A person who wants to become an art therapist must first attain a bachelor’s degree in any subject, preferably fine arts or psychology from a recognized college or university.
  • After graduation, one may be required to complete masters in art therapy which requires submitting of a portfolio of artwork. This program may last for two years.

Art Therapist Degrees, Courses and Certifications

Apart from the formal education requirements to become an art therapist, a candidate may also need to complete courses and certificate programs which help in polishing his/her skills and qualifications. The following are a few of these courses etc:

  • One can take classes related to psychology, psychotherapy, patient assessment, ethics, human development or any other related subject so as to develop the skills which are required to deal with a patient and treat him by the means of art.
  • One can also apply for a master’s degree in counseling which involves concentration in art therapy as this degree too forms a strong base for anyone interested in art therapy.
  • In some cases, a person may pursue a PhD in art therapy and this can be considered as a preferable qualification to enter this field.

Art Therapist Qualifications and Training

Besides these courses and degrees etc, formal experience in the field of art therapy is also needed. This can be gained by undertaking training programs which provide an individual with a chance to deal with patients and helping them by the way of art therapy.

Art Therapist Colleges and Universities

Art Therapist Wages and Salaries

A career in art therapy can prove to be very rewarding as it has good scope these days. The average median salary of a person working as an art therapist is around $52145 which may vary depending upon the skill sets and qualifications of the candidate.

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