Art Teaching Certificate Requirements

Art Teaching Certificate can be attained by the art teachers who satisfy certain requirements. The art teacher certification programs are run for those who intend to offer art instruction to the K-12 grade levels. These certificate programs help the individuals in preparing for a career in education by making use of an extensive pedagogical curriculum which provides both theoretical as well as practical knowledge.

These certificate programs make the candidates eligible to give the exams for becoming certified by the state. After attaining the art teaching certificate the prospects of attaining the job as an art teacher in a school of good reputation increases to a great extent.

These certificate programs are for individuals at post-baccalaureate level. Art Teaching Certificate Requirements are given below in detail:

  • It is essential to complete a high school diploma with good grades to start with. It is recommended to choose the arts subject such as philosophy, history and the likes if you intend to attain art teaching certificate.
  • A number of these art teaching certificate programs seek candidates who have completed an undergraduate degree program in some art field like history, philosophy, fine arts or sociology.
  • In certain courses this undergraduate degree program is not required; these programs usually provide supplemental art coursework for those having a bachelor’s degree in a different arena.
  • Many of these certificate programs also require the teachers to submit a personal portfolio. This portfolio should include information about the candidate’s creative ability and also the details about the form and function he specializes in.
  • There is also a certain grade point average that the candidate requires in order to take admission in art teaching certificate program. The minimum grade point average would vary based on the certificate program you choose.
  • Art teaching certificate program also requires the candidate to submit letters of recommendation.

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