Art Teacher Education Requirements

An art teacher is entrusted with the responsibility of helping students in growth of knowledge and skills in the field of arts. They teach students how to give a unique shape to their imagination with the use of various colours, shapes and texture. They are known for giving wings to the student’s imagination.

They instil an artistic sense in the students. The students from all age groups as well from all educational levels can be imparted education in art. An art teacher is generally required to hold a bachelor’s degree in Art. A strong sense of judgment and patience is required for this occupation.

Art Teacher Education Requirements:

  • A candidate who wishes to become a teacher in the arts must hold a four year bachelor’s degree in fine arts or in arts.
  • The candidate may also be required to undertake a supplementary one year educational training program which imparts knowledge about child psychology.
  • The aspiring candidate must possess a distinct sense of judgement and creativity.
  • The teacher must be skilled in the various art forms, so as to teach different styles of art. They must also have a thorough knowledge about the history of art.

Art Teacher Degrees, Courses and Certification:

The potential art teacher must consider the following degrees and the courses to initiate their career-

  • High school education
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts
  • Bachelor of Arts
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts in Art Education
  • After completion of a bachelor’s degree, the candidate must obtain a certificate of teaching, which acts as a proof for completing a course in education.
  • Some institutions have made it mandatory for art teachers to complete their masters.

Art Teacher Qualification and Training:

Along with the formal education attained through various degrees and certification program, the candidate must possess a love for creativity and must impart this passion to students. The candidate should have a strong sense of judgement. They have to help students to discover his own creativity. Being the job profile of a teacher, an effective communication skill is mandatory. They are required to keep a lot of patience as they are nurturing the skills of students at all levels of education.

They are required to undergo a training program to attain knowledge about the behaviour and psychology of a child.

Art Teacher Colleges and University:

Art Teacher Wages and Salary:

The salary of an art teacher varies according to the level at which he/ she is teaching. The median salary is $60,000 on an annual basis.

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