Art Director Education Requirements

An art director is responsible for overall presentation of an organization or company’s media. Art directors manage the design concepts of the company, stock or original artwork, layouts and formats as also the stylistic aspects of written materials. Many art directors have to work with their clients, artists and designers, while many others have to be solely responsible for a review and presentation of the aesthetic direction of the organization. An art director also has to typically manage other members of the staff that includes writers, designers and artists. Armed with a bachelor’s degree in fine arts and industry experience, one can embark on a career as an art director.

Art Director Education Requirements

  • Extensive preparation is usually required for the job. This includes a four year bachelor’s degree and many years of experience in relevant fields. The useful degrees include design, fine arts, digital media, visual communication etc. any experience in management is also considered important for an art director career.
  • Art directors are supposed to have superb aesthetic judgment with good negotiation and persuasion skills. Creative and superb writing abilities are also necessary. Excellence in highly accurate written, verbal and visual communication is also desirable.

Art Director Degrees, Courses and Certifications

Following are some degrees and certifications required for an art director:

  • Bachelor of fine arts
  • Masters in arts—designing
  • Post graduate diploma in communications
  • Advanced diploma in visual arts
  • Certificate in art designing

Art Director Qualifications and Training

Most aspiring art directors have to start as an assistant to senior designers and then go on to become a director compounded with experience. The candidate has to work first hand on several projects and could be required to complete internship.

Art Director Colleges and Universities

Art Director Wages and Salary

An art director can expect to draw an average salary of $88,510.

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