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Art colleges are still a popular choice among a high number of students and their popularity is not affected with the growth of a number of professional education institutions. Although art colleges do not impose strict admission polices abut still there are certain pre requisites (which are not so stringent) for admission in the college. The requirements for admission completely depend on the type of course and level of degree a candidate wants to pursue. The admission requirements also vary from university to university, but the general basic requirements are almost the same.

Requirements for admission in the art college at undergraduate level:

Undergraduate level courses are the ones that a candidate pursues after completing the high school education. The requisites for admission in an undergraduate level course in Art College are as follows:

  • Completion of high school diploma or completion of GED certificate with good marks
  • Candidates are also required to submit the signature proof of the declaration form of High school equivalency. The candidates who have completed GED are also required to submit a similar form issued by their institution.
  • The candidates also need to submit he signed copy of Home School Program Certification transcript and form.
  • Another requirement is the need of CHSPE letter that a candidate is required to submit.

Apart from transcript and high school diploma, rest of the documents are required at the time of admission, while transcript and high school diploma can be submitted before the end of first semester of study.

Requirements for admission in the art college at graduate level:

The candidates who are seeking master’s degrees from art colleges are required to satisfy the below given requisites in order to get admittance:

  • The candidates are required to successfully complete the bachelor’s degree in arts.
  • The candidates are also required to submit their statement of intent. This is a typed one page document through which a candidate is required to explain his goal, expectations and aim for the graduation course.
  • The candidates are also required to submit their resumes which highlight their professional, creative, extracurricular and academic achievements so far.
  • The last requirement is the submission of official college transcript. These transcripts are required to show that the candidate has completed the undergraduate degree and are issued by the college from where the candidate has completed his bachelor’s degree. The transcripts can be sent directly from the college or can be submitted by the students.

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