Aromatherapist Education and Job Requirements

Aromatherapist Requirements

The job of an Aromatherapist is very interesting and unique as it involves curing specific psychological disorders and certain physical ailments with the aid of aromatic products. The aromatherapists are in an uncommon profession and often work as freelancers. They also work for private health clubs and corporate houses and healing centers. The aromatherapist in many cases makes use of essential aromatic oils to heal the emotional imbalances of the patients. More details about the education and job requirements for the post of an aromatherapist are written below.

Education requirements:

  • A bachelor’s degree in botany/biology/chemistry with at least a second class honors.
  • A master’s degree in botany/biology/chemistry is sought.
  • Certified training in aromatherapy courses from an accredited institute is a must.

Job requirements:

  • The interested candidates should clinically help the patients to inhale the aroma in an optimized manner.
  • Going thoroughly through the medical history records of the patients and consulting them accordingly.
  • Should be flawless in preparation of the aromatic oils.
  • He/she must have application based knowledge about various concentrated aromatic solutions.
  • Must have an expertise on aerial and topical applications.
  • Should possess knowledge of herbal distillates.
  • Must document the progress of the patients regularly.

These details are sufficient for any HR personnel to recruit the right person for the post.

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