Architectural Technician Education and Job Requirements

Architectural Technician Requirements

The responsibilities of an architectural technician is huge, as he/she is involved in designing and implementation of architectural designs for reputed public, private or joint partnership companies. The intricate details of a particular construction are overseen by an able architectural technician. He/she aims to integrate various fundamentals of architectural engineering to formulate full proof designs of different constructions. In few cases, an architectural technician also works as a freelancer. The points mentioned below would indicate about the education and job requirements for the post.

Education Requirements:

  • Bachelors of technology in civil engineering/architecture with at least a second class honors degree.
  • Master’s in business administration is an added advantage.
  • Certified training in statistical software packages is desirable.
  • Certified training in architectural designing courses is a big plus.

Job Requirements:

  • A minimum experience of 2 years in a reputed firm.
  • Should possess clear knowledge about the regulatory norms of the realty sector.
  • Must have a holistic approach while designing architecture plans for a particular construction.
  • Should be strategic in implementing the sustainability factors in the technical projects.
  • Must be aware of cost efficiency concepts and should aim to streamline the available resources.
  • The candidate must document the daily proceedings of the projects.

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