Architect Student Education and Job Requirements

Architect Student Requirements

An architect student is one who is currently enrolled in an educational or research institute in the stream of architectural studies and in due course of attaining his/her degree or diploma or certificate in the subject. The architect student needs to have knack in mathematics and civil engineering concepts in order to excel in the field. The student has the prime responsibility of completing the work assignments given by the faculty members within the stipulated time-frame. The architect student needs to also complete certain academic projects and find internships in the student period within the regulatory framework of the particular college.

Education Requirements:

  • A high school diploma in the science stream with mathematics as one of the subjects from a reputed educational institute with decent grades.
  • Must be currently enrolled in the stream of architectural engineering in an accredited educational institute.
  • Should be very skillful at engineering mathematics.

Job Requirements:

  • Must have ample expertise to solve the elementary architectural problems with the help of mathematics.
  • Should be expert at using relevant statistical software packages popular in architectural engineering.
  • Must be very particular about completing all the work assignments within the stipulated time-frame and without any external help.
  • Should be able to be in a position to frame basic architectural policy questions and solutions.
  • Must have technical knowledge of writing academic papers on architectural engineering.
  • The interested applicant must be proficient in preparing presentations and project sheets on various topics based on fundamental architectural concepts and related principles.

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