Archaeologist Education and Job Requirements

Archaeologist Requirements

The job of an archaeologist primarily involves a particular geographical area and its excavation for historical significance, making foundations for further studies. The task includes activities to dig and preserve the archaeological remains bearing huge importance. The artifacts and other relevant materials, like very old documents of many centuries back see the light of the present day for which an archaeologist deserves the main credit. The details of the education and the job requirements for this particular position are enumerated below to refer specifically.

Education requirements:

  • A high school degree with preferably Geography as one of the subjects.
  • Bachelor’s degree in archaeology/anthropology from a reputed institute with very good grades.
  • A master’s degree in archaeology/anthropology from a reputed institute with at least second class grades.
  • Basic training in the field-related software packages.

Job requirements:

  • Having excellent knowledge of geophysical survey techniques.
  • Possessing ample expertise in using a range of digging equipments.
  • Should have very good coordinating skills in field excavation projects.
  • The candidates must be experienced in conducting tests related to radiocarbon dating.
  • The interested applicants must be able to record the details of the site extensively, via quick notes and aerial photography.
  • Must be able to prepare publishable site reports with pertinent footnotes.
  • Should be fluent in giving talks about the excavated sites and their features.
  • The interested candidates should be efficiently able to handle the geographical information system (GIS) applications.
  • Must cooperate by providing relevant suggestions about curator-activities.
  • The applicants must be well versed in computer aided design mechanisms frequently used for archaeological purposes.

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