Arboriculturist Education and Job Requirements

Arboriculturist Requirements

An arboriculturist’s job is very interesting – entailing the responsibilities of scientific cultivation, thorough study and impeccable management of primarily woody plants and shrubs. The arboriculturist, also called an arborist, is concerned about the health of the individual trees. He/she works in an ecological community and has experience in lots of technical applications to ensure safety of the plants. On certain occasions, an arboriculturist also needs to deal with the administrative legalities of the ecological community and relevant documentation of the activities. The following points can give an idea about the education and job requirements for working as an arboriculturist.

Education Requirements:

  • A graduation in science stream.
  • A certified diploma in arboriculture is a must.
  • Specialization in various sub-fields of arboriculture is sought.
  • A master’s degree in forestry administration is an added advantage.

Job requirements:

  • The interested candidate must have application based knowledge in arboriculture disciplines.
  • The applicant must primarily concentrate on proper diagnosis and thorough treatment of the trees.
  • He/she must exhibit technical knowhow about pruning shrubs and ascending trees.
  • The person must also document his work extensively.

These details are sufficient for a public or a private organization to recruit the right candidate.

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