Aquarist Education Requirements

An aquarist is a professional who handles various types of fishes in wild life sanctuaries, zoo parks, large aquariums, etc. The aquarist feeds the fishes and provides them a good environment to live in a free and fearless manner. The aquarist works under the supervision of the aquarium curator who is the main person responsible for the well being of the fishes. Aquarists should be able to understand the needs of the fishes and respond to their needs as and when necessary. The aquarist should learn how to keep the aquarium clean and remove harmful algae that gets deposited due to water on the surfaces. The aquarist should ensure that food for fishes is always stocked properly and the aquarium temperature is maintained at the level at which fishes can survive.

Aquarist Educational Requirements

  • Candidates who would like to become aquarists should at least possess a bachelor’s degree from a recognized university.
  • The preferred subjects to become an aquarist are environmental sciences, veterinary studies, zoology, etc. But more emphasis is given to the work experience of the candidates.
  • When a candidate is chosen for the role of an aquarist, an initial on-the-job training is given to the candidate that helps the candidate absorb the role requirements and perform them effectively. Working under expert aquarists can also provide the hands-on experience to the candidate.

Aquarist Degree, Courses, and Certifications

The following are some of the most preferred courses that are chosen by candidates who would like to pursue the career as an aquarist:

  • BS in Fish Husbandry
  • Associate of Marine Aquarist
  • BS in Animal Conservation
  • MD in Zoology
  • BS in Aquarium Supervisor

Aquarist Qualifications and Training

Apart from the on-the-job training, it would be very beneficial if candidates can bring in expertise in the field of animal husbandry, zoology, etc. Specialized courses for fish caretaking would immensely help if the candidates would want to get job roles in higher positions. Candidates should take benefit from opportunities like apprenticeships that can let the candidates understand the issues that they could come across and handle them with expert guidance and knowledge.

Aquarist Colleges and Universities

Aquarist Wages and Salaries

Candidates who would like to work as aquarists would find good prospects in this career option if they are educated in relevant institutions and have got the work experience. Candidates can earn from $20,000 to $80,000 per annum with the median salary being about $51,000 per year approximately.

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