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An animal trainer is a professional who is responsible for training animals like dogs, dolphin, and horses to behave in a certain desired way and respond properly to the commands given to them. The job of these candidates is quite difficult, and the individuals who love animals are best suited for this profession.  These candidates need to be very patient and have to vary their teaching methodology from animal to animal, even if they are of same species.

The education for these candidates must focus on all the key aspects of their job and should prepare these candidates excellent knowledge about animals, their behavior and how they generally respond in various situations. These education programs must develop the requisite skill set in the candidates with whom they can train animals for various purposes like security, riding, performance, obedience, and assisting disabled people.

Animal trainer Education Requirements:

  • An animal trainer must possess high school diploma in any stream or an equivalent education.
  • Although degree level education is not mandatory, but candidates can enroll for bachelors or associates degree courses imparting education in animal science
  • These candidates must also be learned in animal behavior and animal psychology to become an efficient animal trainer.

Animal trainer Education Degrees, Courses and Certifications:

An animal trainer must consider following degrees and certifications in order to add an edge to their resume:

  • High school diploma or GED
  • Bachelor’s or associates degree in animal science, biology, zoology, marine biology etc.
  • Again, certification is not mandatory, but aspiring candidates can obtain certification in animal training through voluntary animal training certification programs offered by some associations.

Animal trainer Education Qualification and Training:

Animal trainers must possess certain skills which are quite necessary like these candidates must be sensitive and should have problem solving capabilities. They should be able respond quickly in critical situations as animals may turn violent while getting trained or otherwise. These candidates also need to be very patient, as it is very difficult and time consuming to train an animal.

These candidates must also possess excellent knowledge of animal psychology, as they should understand an animal’s situation while training them through his gestures. This is very important quality and helps a lot in training animals.

Animal trainer Education Colleges and Universities:

Animal trainer Education Wages and Salaries:

The demand for animal trainers is increasing day by day and the candidates aspiring to become animal trainers have a great future ahead. These candidates can earn up to $20,000 – $32,000 on annual basis.

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