Animal Science Education Requirements

The candidates who are looking forward for careers in animal science must be educated in science, biology, zoology or agriculture related subjects. There are many career and job options for the candidates who have completed their education in animal science varying from zookeeper, veterinary professional to animal research scientist. The candidates who want to pursue their careers in the field of animal science must possess ability to statistical techniques on the researched data, must be able to analyze biological and chemical processing, and should be able to use computers as a tool for research. Although the basic education can be related to science and biology, but further education requirements in the field of animal science completely depend on the candidate’s career choice and chosen career path. For example, the education for a veterinary professional will be different from that of an animal food technician.

Animal Science Education Requirements:

  • These candidates must complete their high school education with science and biology as the major subjects. And then these candidates can enroll themselves into higher level course as per their chosen career path.
  • These candidates can also pursue short term courses related with the animal science education to develop the requisite skill set for the job.
  • These candidates must also possess good knowledge about computers and should be able to use various software related with statistics and research tools.

Animal Science Education Degrees, Courses and Certifications:

In order to pursue a well-built successful career in animal science candidates can opt for following degrees and certification:

  • 2 or 4 years degree in animal science.
  • 2 years degree in veterinary technician education.
  • Bachelor of Science with specialization in Animal Science.
  • in Animal Science.
  • Ph. D in Animal Science.

Animal Science Education Qualification and Training:

These candidates must enroll themselves in internship or training programs to gain hands on experience and practical exposure in the field. These training programs are great learning experience for candidates and equip them with skill set which helps them to successfully perform their job responsibilities.

Through these training programs candidates must develop practical knowledge related with the field of animal science.

Animal Science Education Colleges and Universities:

Animal Science Education Wages and Salaries:

There are many career options for these candidates and hence each sector offers different type of remuneration. The average salary earned by a candidate possessing animal science education falls between the ranges of $20,000 – $80,000 depending on the type of job and education.

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