Airport Security Education Requirements

Airport security personnel, often known as transportation security personnel ensure safety to airport travelers by identifying and preventing the threats to security. Such personnel use ex-ray equipment and other sophisticated screening for monitoring the travelers and also gather security intelligence.

The main aim of airport security personnel is preventing unauthorized entry to restricted areas. They also have to answer queries from the general public regarding access to the airfield area and be able for directing them to proper authorities when the need arises. Besides, airport security officers physically check objects, vehicles and persons entering the airport. They compile written reports and give continuous efforts for streamlining operations.

Airport Security Education Requirements

  • Airport security officers must have at least a high school diploma. Many positions, however, don’t require the personnel to have any additional formal education.
  • Officers must assess the comprehensive background and drug screening tests.
  • Employers usually provide training to the officers, combining classroom teaching with on-job training under supervision of seasoned officers

Airport Security Degrees, Courses and Certifications

The homeland security certificate programs are designed for students intending to take up airport and domestic security. Most programs usually last for a single semester and teach students about identifying, analyzing and treating probable terror acts and other threats. Courses usually include:

  • Advanced Diploma in Airport Security Management
  • Airport Security Operations Optimization from the IATA
  • Certificate Course in Security law and regulations
  • Diploma in Transportation Security Administration
  • Diploma in Basic Avionics

Airport Security Qualifications and Training

Airport security personnel have to be physically fit and able to stand for long hours and execute security screenings. They have to routinely inspect baggage and other items. Airport security officers must be able to communicate with the travelers as well as other transportation members regarding security information. Good visual and hearing ability and mental focus are important virtues of the job.

In most cases, training is provided by the recruiting agency or the airport itself. Employees recruited by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), US Department of Homeland Security, are given training by the organization itself.

Airport Security Colleges and Universities

Airport Security Wages and Salary

As per the industry trends, the average annual salary of airport security officer usually ranges from $46,000 to $55,000. The salary, however, is often dependent upon the airport where they are employed and duties they have to perform. Armed guards earn more. Salaries increase with experience.

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