Airline Pilot Education Requirements

A commercial pilot occupies a heroic status and a special place in aviation and there is no two ways about it.   Apart from thrilling experience this profession involves huge money and respect.  However, with this status comes a huge responsibility of taking care of the safety of all the passengers and cargo. Coming to the education a pilot must complete high school and should have bachelor’s degree in aviation courses.  Proper education is crucial to ensure safety and imparting knowledge. Many airlines hire only college graduates so, this really becomes important that you have a degree. Mainly preferred courses for a career as a pilot include aeronautical engineering, physics, mathematics and English.

Airline pilot Education Requirements:

  • An airline pilot should have passed high school.
  • He should speak good fluent English and should have an ability to read and write in English.
  • He should have studies aeronautical engineering, maths, physics and English.
  • He should be a college graduate
  • Studies on aviation course is an added advantage

Airline pilot Education, Courses and Certifications:

An airline pilot must undertake following certification courses and degree program in order to add weight to his work credentials and resume.

  • High school degree
  • Commercial pilot certificate with instruments ratings and multi-engine.
  • FAA (First Class Medical Certificate) and FCC license.

Airline pilot Qualification and Training:

Most of the pilots start their career as Air Force or military pilots or as Marine aviators. According, to Federal Aviation Administration a college degree is not required but commercial and military airlines require a degree. An airline pilot can add on to his qualification through undergoing hands on training. An airline pilot should be trained well with modern training procedures. Training program should include safety training, systems, classroom study and flight training by using modern digitalized flight stimulators.  An airline pilot must be trained in tackling situations and taking a tough decision when needed. He must also, be taught to multi task as it might help during his job. These are a part of training which often an airline pilot undergoes in training.

Airline pilot Colleges and Universities:

Airline pilot Wages and Salaries:

An airline pilot can earn something between $182,000 a year to$ 290,000 a year depending on one’s experience, work profile and dedication. Salary also hugely depends on company to company and also number of hours one chooses to work. Experience also plays a major role in deciding the salary of the candidate.

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